About the Artist

Originally from Ga but traveled the world most of my life. Military was my life until I had a life changing event. This is when I turned back to my art to help me cope with different things in my life. I could say I have regrets but I really don't because through everything that I've been through it brought me back to my first love which is art. Art has always always been a passion of mine. Words can not explain how much my art means to me. I have been creating art since the age of 4. I wanted to attend Art School but knew I couldn't afford to so I am a self taught artist. So much time and patience goes into paintings but they are all worth every second. Colors speak volume to me and a lot of my art work will be filled with colors themselves. I have been inspired by so many great artist along the way and I'm very grateful. I work with different paints and textures to make my art come alive. Welcome to my world full of curves, laughter, joy and so much more!